Much of our business is done in person. At first greeting, the first thing we do is shake hands and then exchange business cards. Of course this is so that we can firstly, share a bit of our company’s branding via the design of the card and have the other’s contact details to potentially conduct business with one another.

But why in this digital age are we still exchanging printed business cards?

Very likely, the next contact will be done via email a call or nowadays even texting. This means that after receiving someone’s card, either you or your assistant has to manually key that person’s contact details into your contact list. If you’re someone who meets a lot of people, this is a tremendous amount of time wasted.

And what if you lose the card before you have the chance to record it? That’s a business opportunity likely lost.

Hasn't there been apps which solve this problem?

Yes but not truly.

A number of attempts by various startups have developed card apps. Most of them have been apps which allow one to scan a printed card and using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, avoid the laborious act of manually typing in the details into your digital contact list. The accuracy is around 60% which means one still has to edit manually. Or worse, without realising it, you have saved incorrect contact details.

Most also do not really do any more to help the actual exchange between 2 people. Some which do perform this is simply sending the textual details via a vcf (virtual contact file) file and hence the integrity of your company’s branding conveyed in your business card’s design is lost.

For these reasons, no app has yet been successful in convincing business people to adopt them. And worse than that, none have genuinely try to market them to companies to have more uniformity of usage. They have simply tried to get end users, who are largely employees, to pay for their app’s service. Why would an employee want to pay for their cards when they’ve never had to before?!

Simply, all attempts to date haven’t genuinely understood the needs businesses and business people have in a digital business card

Until now.

There are several key factors that a true business card app needs to have:

• Be fast and easy to send and receive cards
• Maintain the integrity of the branding deliver in the card’s design
• Ensure that the contact details are accurate
• Stay updated of any contact details changes automatically
• Be easy to search for contacts by company or by name
• Have visibility of all activities
• Provide full control of who can receive your card

Done. But can it do more? Absolutely…

shake not only has considered the essentials in a true business card app, but as seasoned business people ourselves (no we’re not just a bunch of tech programmers), we have developed our product to go far and beyond addressing needs businesses and business people didn't even realise they needed.

Productivity supercharged.

After analyzing our needs as business people, the shake app incorporates features which can transform a business executive’s productivity not imagined before. Here are some of these key features:

  • Recognize your contact:
    • With their profile photo in their contact page, never struggle to recall exactly who your contact is no matter how many people you have met.
  • Contextualize your meeting:
    • shake automatically records when and where you first met and exchanged cards.
    • Add a short note to describe and contextualize your contact.
  • Record all your meetings and exchanges:
    • With our simple CRM note feature, save notes everytime you make contact for your records.
    • Create next action tasks and be notified when they are due

That’s great that our employee’s will be far more productive. But are there any other advantages from the company’s perspective?

Oh yes.

Not only did we analyze the needs of individual business people, we took a deep dive into how our solution can benefit the company as well.


Unless your employees diligently and rigorously save all of their contacts’ details into you centralized CRM, your company does not truly own these potential business partners’ information. These are valuable company assets. And if they leave your company, do you lose their contacts?
Also, wouldn't you like to be able to track performance of your employees as to the opportunities they are creating for your business? Now you can with shake.

• Have real time access to a cloud based dashboard
• Track employee performance
• Manage your costs

Easy onboarding. No upfront fees.

We understand that deploying a new way to do things can be taxing. That’s why we’ve made it easy for your company to try shake.

• Sign up with a free trial for all of your employees
• No replacement – we are not replacing your current solutions. We’re enhancing them.
• Sync with your CRM – with integration availalble to the top 10 CRM solutions on the market, your tools just got better.
• Change how your company does things? Change that causes issues? No. You can continue to provide printed cards to your employees. At times this will remain necessary. Over time however, your employees will do it more and more so via shake. To your company’s benefit of course.
• Play then pay. Only when your employee’s initial free credits have been used, will you have the choice to continue with our service and be billed.

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Get your contacts digitized. Finally.

Greater Productivity
Greater cost effectiveness
Greater and Greener footprint

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